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Kiaris Hair Perücken bietet eine exquisite Auswahl an hochwertigen Perücken für jeden Anlass. Von natürlichen Looks bis zu glamourösen Stilen.


KIARIS Hair Topper provides natural fullness and volume for thinning hair. Thanks to innovative technology, the topper adapts perfectly to the individual head shape and ensures a seamless transition.

Give your look an instant boost!

Discover natural beauty with KIARIS Hair Extensions made from Burmese hair. Our slightly wavy extensions are full to the tips and give you a breathtaking look. Experience luxury in every strand and emphasize your individuality with our high-quality hair extensions. Your path to a stunning hairstyle starts here!"

Hair loss

Light hair?

We understand how stressful hair loss on the top of your head can be for you. Stress, genetic factors or hormonal changes can be triggers. At KIARIS Hair we have the solution to boost your self-confidence. Discover our sensitive approaches and innovative hair systems to regain beautiful, full hair.

Kiaris Hair worn by

Linda Nobat

Linda Nobat's enchanting hair on The Bachelor was created by Kiaris, giving her an irresistible charm. Discover the magic of perfect hairstyling at Kiaris.

Linda-Caroline Nobat is a German model and reality TV participant.

The CoBeautySpace is an exclusive platform where hair artists have the opportunity to present themselves as KIARIS partners and offer their services.

Get to know us

About Us

The name KIARIS is a creative fusion of Paris and Kinshasa, the birthplace of our founder. Paris, as a source of inspiration, is the root of our label, while Kinshasa celebrates the origins of the founder. KIARIS acts as a bridge between these two worlds, symbolizing the connection between diversity and uniqueness.

Our mission at KIARIS,

KIARIS Hair is committed to the philosophy of cultivating beauty in every moment. Our commitment is to foster self-confidence, celebrate abundance and add a playful touch to every experience. Knowing that the simplest things carry profound meaning, we believe that beautiful hair is not just the result, but the starting point of a journey that exudes positivity and self-expression.




To accurately measure your head dimensions for your KIARIS wig, follow these steps:

1.Measure the circumference: Use a flexible tape measure to measure the circumference of your head. Place the tape measure about an inch above the eyebrows and around the head where you want the wig to sit.

2.Measure forehead width: Measure the width of your forehead from one temple to the other.

3.Measure the width of the back of your head: Measure the width of the back of your head from side to side, across the back of your head.

4.Ear-to-ear measurement: Place the tape measure over the top of the head and measure from one ear to the other to determine the head circumference across the top of the head.

5.Measure neck length: Measure from the hairline at the back of the head to the top of the neck.

If possible, have someone else take the measurements for you to get more accurate results.

If your KIARIS Hair wig gets tangled, try to carefully untangle the hair with a brush. Start from the tips and slowly work your way up. You may want to use a conditioner to make detangling easier. Avoid pulling too hard to prevent damage.

The optimal length for your KIARIS Hair wig depends on your personal preferences and the style you want. Consider your individual taste preferences and desired look to choose the right length.

A KIARIS fulllace wig is a type of wig where the entire cap is made of a transparent lace material. This allows for a more natural look as the wig gives the impression that the hair is growing directly from the scalp. These wigs offer maximum styling versatility as the hair can be tied in any direction.

Our 3-component wig, consisting of three central elements - lace, hair weft and cap - are handmade by experienced hands in our workshop.

Wash your KIARIS Hair wig with a mild shampoo in lukewarm water and rinse thoroughly. Use a conditioner to keep your KIARIS Hair wig supple.

Brush your KIARS Hair wig carefully with a special wig brush. Start from the ends and slowly work your way up to minimize tangles.

KIARIS Hair Extensions

Yes, you can dye hair from KIARIS Hair as it is real hair. However, remember to use the appropriate hair coloring products and follow the instructions carefully to achieve optimal results and avoid possible damage.

You should choose a hair color that matches your natural tone. Check out our color samples or contact our customer service for professional advice to find the perfect color for you.

Sew In Installation is a gentler method compared to some other installation techniques. However, hair damage can occur. We at the KIARIS Hair Team pay attention to the proper attachment of the hair wefts. We also avoid excessive tension by braiding the base of the braid too tightly to minimize tension and pressure on the natural hair.

In addition, careful attention should be paid to the care of the hair and braids during the wearing period to avoid damage.

Our recommendation is 8 weeks, after which you should have the installation rebooted.

Our straight hair comes from Malaysia.

The wavy hair comes from Burma.

KIARIS Hair hairpieces

KIARIS Hair Studio


Yes, we deliver worldwide.

Custom made

Yes, from March 1st, 2024 KIARIS Hair will also work with health insurance companies.

The KIARIS Hair wigs can either be picked up in person at the store or conveniently delivered to your home. you have the choice between the two pickup and shipping options.

Yes, you can try on our wigs in the KIARIS Hair Studio.

Over 60+ positive reviews on Google from our customers

4.7 / 5.0

Kiari's Hair

Angelika is undoubtedly one of the best hairdressers I have ever met. Since she took care of my hair, I've been enjoying flawless hairstyles for months.

Naomi Zeleke

Kiari's Hair

I can agree with all the positive reviews. Angelika convinced me with her professionalism, flexibility and, above all, positive vibes.

Christel Gayle

Kiari's Hair

Dear Angelika, you are one of the most likeable people I have had the pleasure of meeting. You are a trustworthy and empathetic person. Thank you for giving people like me a piece of quality of life back.

Si Dede

Kiari's Hair

I was with dear Angelika on Saturday. I cried with joy. I'm myself again. Installing the beautiful wig took less than two hours. Thank you for everything!


Kiaris Har

Today I was with dear Angelika, super good explanation, super good job. I can recommend her 100%, my hair looks fantastic and the hair is perfect right down to the tip.



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