KIARIS HAIR Topper hairpiece 50cm
KIARIS HAIR Topper hairpiece 50cm
KIARIS HAIR Topper hairpiece 50cm
KIARIS HAIR Topper hairpiece 50cm
KIARIS HAIR Topper hairpiece 50cm


KIARIS HAIR Topper hairpiece 50cm

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Color:Ash blonde with highlights
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100% human hair
Full tips
Our high-quality human hair toppers offer you a natural look that blends seamlessly with your own hair without anyone noticing that you are wearing hair extensions.

Toppers offer a variety of styling options. You can straighten, curl, style and even color them to achieve your desired look.

KIARIS Hair Toppers are ideal for adding volume and density to thin hair without the need for full hair extensions.

With a KIARIS Hair Topper you can achieve immediate results without having to wait long for your natural hair to grow.

Our high-quality toppers are lightweight and comfortable to wear, keeping you comfortable all day long. Applying Kiaris Hair real hair toppers is usually easy and does not require professional help.

Here is a basic guide on how to clip KIARIS Hair Topper into your hair:
1. Preparation: Comb your own hair and topper thoroughly to remove any tangles and ensure both are clean and smooth.

2. Positioning: Determine the spot on your head where you want to place the topper to achieve the desired volume or coverage.

3. Clip Attachment: Open the clips on the topper and carefully place it over the desired area of ​​your head.

Press the clips firmly into your own hair to ensure a secure hold.
4. Adjustment: Check in the mirror whether the topper sits evenly and securely. If necessary, you can adjust the position slightly by repositioning the clips.

5. Styling: Style your own hair and topper as desired to create a seamless transition and achieve the look you want.

With a little practice, you will quickly learn how to easily and effectively integrate your Kiaris Hair real hair topper into your hairstyle.